Platform and Media Channel Sales And Acquisitions

Exclusive Advisor and Intermediary to Media Companies (Magazine, Blog, eMag, Web-TV) Looking For A Full Exit or Pursuing Partial-Equity Based, Strategic Brand Partnerships


/ ‘ooh:diens’/

Professional and intended definition
  1. a misspelling of audience
    (search “oodience” in Google and you’ll find Google agrees). We specialize in audience-asset rich partial equity partnership or full company mergers and acquisitions.
  2. oo
    the birth of something new (ex: oocyte, oogenesis). We act as the intermediary to facilitate the birth of a new entity.
  3. x as exponent
    The multiplier effect that the acquiring party (strategic brand, corporate venture capital firm, private equity firm and similar) enjoys after a successful acquisition of one of our properties.
Alternate definitions
  1. oo
    the “ooh” sound of intrigue and enthusiasm often generated from the intensely filtered, strongly premium and always exclusive media channel, audience-rich business acquisitions we represent.
  2. oox
    hug, hug, kiss… which our Seller clients and successful Buyers often want to offer up after the completion of an M&A deal.
  3. ooxing
    beating or over powering a foe with mental prowess (source: UrbanDictionary)… exactly what happens when a Brand takes ownership (or partial equity buy-in) of a media channel that serves a significant base of their target audience, and effectively climbs past more and more of their competitors.